Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Afridi's 59 Runs in 25 balls leads Pakistan in Final of Asia Cup 2014

Boom Boom Afridi Scored 59 runs in 25 balls

  Bangladesh VS Pakistan ODI of Asia Cup 2014 was very important for Pakistan and India also. If Pakistan would have lost this match against Bangladesh then India will have still chances to reach in final of Asia Cup 2014. But Pakistan won the Bangladesh VS Pakistan match of Asia Cup 2014 by 3 wickets which was scheduled on 4th march 2014. Today's match was thrilling and must watch. At one time Bangladesh was heavy on Pakistan and they were near to win the match. But Suddenly BOOM BOOM Shahid Afridi came into the crease and he changed the game very easily. Afridi Scored 59 runs in just 25 balls and after his batting match became easy to win for Pakistan.

Afridi 59 Runs in 25 balls

    Chasing 327 runs is not easy for any team. Pakistan played carefully in this match against Bangladesh. Because of that, their run rate was slow then their required run rate. When Afridi came into the crease Pakistan needed 102 runs in just 52 balls. It is a very difficult task to make runs with almost run rate of 12 and you lost 5 wickets. But When Shahid Afridi played every batting task becomes easier. Today Afridi played an awesome inning and scored 59 runs in 25 balls. In his incredible inning Afridi hit 2 fours and 7 sixes

Pakistan reached in final of Asia Cup 2014

     In this match, Ahmed Shehzad and Fawad Alam also played very well. Ahmed Shehzad scored 103 runs and Fawad Scored 74 runs. Man of the match Award is given to Shahid Afridi for his fast batting of 59 runs. By winning Bangladesh VS Pakistan match Pakistan reached in the final of Asia Cup 2014. It will be very interesting to see who will win the Asia Cup 2014 between Sri Lanka and Pakistan?  Sri Lanka is in very good form. In Pakistan's team Afridi got his form back and he alone is enough for All Sri Lanka's bowlers.

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